History of the CD

Born from an intense collaboration between several major names in the electronics industry – Sony and Philips in particular – and the music industry, CD players arrived on the Japanese market on October 1, 1982, and from February 23, 1983 in the rest of the world. In order to more easily locate the appearance of this format in France, it will be recalled that March 1983 saw the launch of the PEUGEOT 205. This parallel may seem insignificant, but it clearly shows that data storage on optical discs and their reading by laser are very recent technologies. However, the past 35 years have seen the advent of the PCM audio encoded CD, its apogee and its programmed disappearance, gradually giving way to hard disks and static memories, for the storage of often compressed audio data (with or without losses, MP3, Flac, etc.). More than 250 models of CD players of all brands were produced in the two years following the launch of the CD standard, i.e. between late 1982 and early 1985. These are mainly the so-called first and second generation readers, the second generation machines having appeared in Japan since the first quarter of 1983, with

A new collection of Beatles auctioned off

The Beatles are at the heart of an exceptional auction this Saturday, March 18 in Paris. The Drouot auction house presents the original collection of a great quartet specialist. Alternative covers of the Sgt Pepper’s album, original photos of the Abbey Road album, letters signed by the British… Fans of the mythical band from Liverpool will be delighted. The Drouot auction house is auctioning off hundreds of pieces by Jacques Volcouve, a French collector and Beatles fan, on Saturday 18 March in Paris. His unpublished collection includes vinyl records, CDs, books, videos, posters, slides and other products recounting the quartet’s career. “On the initial cover of Sgt Pepper‘s, there was supposed to be Mahatma Gandhi but the EMI producer, Joseph Lookwood, didn’t want to have any problems with the Indians,” says this collector, Jacques Volcouve, who sells eleven of these alternative covers to the final edition, famous for the gallery of characters appearing behind the group. A lot estimated between 10 and 15 000 €. Photographer Ian MacMillan, summoned to do the cover of Abbey Road (1969), where the group is seen crossing the street on a pedestrian crossing, will take six photos. Five draws were not